How Does Solar Energy Work?

Sunlight Activates Panels and Cells Produce Electrical Current

Sunlight hits the layers of your solar panels, and photons and electrons interact to create an electrical current.

The Electrical Energy is Converted

The electrical current flows from the panels down to your solar inverter, which converts the energy generated from your panels (DC) into usable energy for your home (AC).

The Converted Electricity Powers Your Home

The AC energy flows from the inverter into your breaker box, which will then circulate it throughout your home.

Unused Energy is Stored or Potentially Returned for an Energy Bill Credit

Any unused AC will flow back to your utility meter and remain available for consumption. homeowners have the ability to return that unused AC back to the electric grid in the form of energy credits on their next power bill.

Why is solar energy better?

Learn about the many ways in which solar is good for you

Going Solar Saves Money, the Environment and Time.

Our mission is to enable our customers to take control over their rising electricity costs and start generating cleaner, price-protected power. Renewable energy has been proven to reduce carbon emissions from harmful fossil fuels. Switching to solar helps in many ways: from producing cleaner air to saving time, money and the environment.

Save Money with Various Incentives and Rebate Options

Consider switching to solar and learn about the wide range of incentives that may be available to you. From tax credits, Solar Certificates and solar rebates incentives, there are many reasons to go solar today.

Save Time with Our Service and Quality Component

We do everything for you – from estimates, design consultation, and installation to permitting, roof repair and tree removal for optimal sunlight intake. We also offer quality components designed to withstand the test of time, so you don’t have to worry about anything

Save the Environment

Renewable energy has been
proven to reduce carbon emissions from harmful fossil fuels. Switching to solar helps produce cleaner air today while building a better tomorrow for future generations

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